Your support is important as membership and donation proceeds help cover the costs of consumables, some of our ongoing maintenance costs, and allows us to hire a Bander-In-Charge during migration. We do not receive government funding, so it is all thanks to your support that we can continue operating.

Membership Benefits

With a membership, you will receive our quarterly newsletter The Marsh Wren keep you informed of all the exciting events happening at the marsh and up to date with our future plans and events.

In addition, Marsh membership holders are welcome to attend public banding hours free of charge. Our event days are also free, with the exception of the Hummingbird Garden Party which members can get a discounted rate.

We also host several “members only” events throughout the year so watch for the special invitations via email! 

Members receive discounts on select items at several local businesses when presented with a marsh membership card. These businesses include:

Leis Landscaping Yard

Discount: 10% off!

998063 Hwy 11 North
Dymond, ON
Phone: 705-648-1384

Chat Noir Books

Discount: 15% off all Gardening and Birding Books

57 Whitewood Ave.
New Liskeard, ON
Phone: 705-647-8215

Northern Feed-Supplies

Discount: 10% off all Bird Feed and Feeders

251 Grant Drive
New Liskeard, ON
Phone: 705-647-5365

Marshall’s Pharmasave

Discount: 10% off (except prescriptions and codeine products)

43 Third Street
Englehart, ON
Phone: 705-544-7878

Donate to our Research

If you support our goals and activities, please consider assisting the HMREC financially. We only continue to function with the assistance of people like you.

If you would like to make a contribution by cheque, please mail it to Hilliardton Marsh REC, P.O. Box 2920, New Liskeard ON P0J 1P0.

We are happy to announce that we now have charitable status. Charitable receipts will be emailed or mailed out for all donations of over $50.00.

Our Sponsors

The Hilliardton Marsh would like to thank all of our existing sponsors; without them we would struggle to operate. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for the Marsh please contact us! We are always looking for new sponsors to help run our daily activities and seasonal programs.