The Hilliardton Marsh Research & Education Centre is a non-profit organization that provides opportunities for school groups and the general public to learn about birds and wetlands. We facilitate and conduct research about the marsh, birds, & wildlife that make it their home.

So come on out, get your feet wet, hold a bird, and be a part of the migration.

An Introduction

Marsh volunteer holding a duck.

Explore nature at the 1800 acre provincially significant Hilliardton Marsh Provincial Wildlife Area. Home to over 600 species of waterfowl, songbirds, mammals, fish and plant life. The Hilliardton Marsh was constructed by Ducks Unlimited in 1996 and it has been a site for migration monitoring since then. 

Prior to the restoration of the marsh the area had lost 85% of its original wetland habitat and the landscape was dry and provided virtually no habitat for waterfowl or other wetland dwelling species.

Hilliardton now offers:

  • a diverse shallow water marsh with lots of wetland-loving plant life
  • managed upland nesting cover that is used by mallard and blue-winged teal
  • nest boxes installed to supplement natural cavities for nesting wood duck, common goldeneye, and hooded merganser
  • a mixture of warm season tallgrass prairie and native grasses that are used as nesting cover by a variety of upland nesting birds
  • a wide variety of wildlife can now be found throughout the marsh and the surrounding upland areas.

Hilliardton Marsh Research and Education Center also serves as an outdoor classroom where elementary and high school students and the general public have the opportunity to learn the value of wetlands.

What to do at the Marsh

The Hilliardton Marsh has many activites to choose from.

HMREC’s mission is to offer an accessible four-season hiking trail throughout the Marsh to promote bird/wildlife/nature viewing, bird banding programs, educational workshops and special events to visiting outdoor nature enthusiasts of all ages/abilities.

Our beautiful area attracts hikers, birdwatchers, photographers, canoeists, and bikers.
The Marsh serves as an outdoor classroom for the region’s elementary school students (grades 4 to 7) and its trails are visited by community citizens of all ages. We are becoming a significant avian and eco tourism destination!

We have some VERY exciting projects coming up…stay tuned!!!

Annual special events held at the Marsh include owl banding, Spring and Fall bird banding, Garden Party, World Wetland Day, St. Patrick’s Day event, International Migratory Bird Day event, Christmas Bird Count for Kids. Follow our Facebook page for up to date information on all our events!

Job and Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers helping out at The Marsh.

The Hilliardton Marsh depends on funding to employ a small student summer crew and research intern every year. Job availability is based on this funding and may vary from year to year. Job opportunities will be shared here and on our social media platforms as they become available.

The vast majority of our research and education projects depend on volunteers that migrate to The Marsh from all parts of the world. Past volunteers have traveled from as far away as Africa and Asia, Europe, the United States and from as nearby as our own local communities.

To inquire about a volunteer position/opportunities get in contact with us.

Physical Address: 952130 On- 569, Hilliardton, ON

Upcoming Events