Bird Banding for the Public

Here at Hilliardton Marsh Research and Education Centre, we are happy to have visitors come and enjoy the outdoors. We focus a lot on bird banding at the Hilliardton Marsh, and over the course of the year, we have key times when we invite you to come and visit us. During these times, we are happy for visitors to come out and experience bird banding and what it is like to see birds up close. Our public hours vary from year to year, but generally speaking, we are open to the public from early-May to mid-June, as well as for the entire month of August. From September to October, we also run public Owl banding nights for you to come and enjoy (dates will be posted in our events calendar as we get closer to it).

And if you are ever interested in booking us for a large group, contact us so we can make that happen!

Come out with your family and learn about birds!

Banding hours across the year for different seasons