Celebrate Hummingbirds and Pollinators

The Hummingbird Garden Party is held annually around the second or third weekend of August. Come on out and enjoy biscuits and tea, befitting any garden party.

Enjoy activities at the Hillardton Marsh

Take a tour of the gardens, scoop critters from the marsh ponds, listen to the heartbeat of a hummingbird, which can be up to 1200 beats/minute, and perhaps even hold a hummingbird in the palm of your hand before releasing it back into the garden to feed.

All pollinator species are celebrated at this event include the Monarch Butterfly. Witness the wonder of Monarch butterflies in all stages of their metamorphosis, let them tickle your nose or fingertips as they are released into the gardens to make their first flights.

Garden Party Event Time

August 17th, 2024 – 9:00am to 1:00pm